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Video | Yemeni Joint Forces dismantle #Houthi-planted mines in #Hodeidah

11:59 2019/09/02
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The engineering teams of the Joint Forces continued to destroy Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), which are mainly landmines and improvised explosive devices planted by the Houthi terrorist militia in residential and vital areas in the Governorate of Al Hudaydah.

On 2 August, the engineering teams destroyed a large quantity of ERW, which have been endangering the lives of people in the area of Al Musanna in the district of Al Hali.
A source in the engineering teams said that the large quantity of ERW was successfully eliminated in the area of Ghulayfiqah in the district of Ad Durayhimi in compliance with the regulatory framework and safety standards," adding that "the engineering teams will continue to work on clearing ERW in the area."
It is worth mentioning that hundreds of civilians were killed by mines of various sizes and types planted by the Houthi militia in many residential neighborhoods, villages, and farms, as well as inside the houses of citizens in various areas and districts of the Governorate of Al Hudaydah.
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